Alright, if you're here, you probably get the basics. You have a general understanding of how to fight a fire, and at a high level, you get a sense of what a wildland firefighter does. Now, we're going to dive deeper. Like any other profession, there are a number of different specialties that you can pursue. And there are a number of different employers. From federal agencies to private contractors, part of your research and discovery process will be learning about all the different ways you can earn a paycheck in this business! So let's get started!

Below, you'll see two options. The first option is to discover the different positions in fire. From working on a hotshot crew, to serving as a dispatcher, that are many different ways for you to get engaged. Some are tremendously physical and require rigorous physical training. Other roles, like serving as a fire lookout, other a completely different type of experience. Yet what unites them is they both are critical roles within the fire community.

And just as there are often times many companies that hire similiar roles, the same is true within the world of fire. So if you're interested in learning more about the different federal and state agencies that employ wildland firefighters, we have the inside scoop for that as well. And guess what - you don't have to be a government employee to be a wildland firefighter. There are many private contractors and even some non-profits that provide employment to wildland firefighters.