Alright, you landed your dream job! In a few short months, you’re going to be on the fireline, starting your own personal fire adventure! Congratulations. But if you think you can just hang out and play Fortnite till then, I have bad news for you. There’s a lot of work to be done! But don’t worry. We got you. See below for everything you need to do between now and then to set yourself up for success!

Barracks Life. Our guide to living in the barracks without killing your roommates (who also happen to be your co-workers!)

Packing 101. What to pack for your:

What kind of boots should I buy? Glad you asked! We have a boot buying guide here.

What’s a ‘Typical’ Fire Season Like? What can I expect?

What are some rookie mistakes I should avoid?

How should I physically prepare for the fire season?

How should I mentally prepare for the fire season?

What are some tips for having a successful fire season?