If all you know about fire is what you've seen on the occasional news segment, we've got you covered. Browse the links below to find the answers to all the questions you were to afraid to ask on Reddit.

The Basics

There are no fire hydrants in the woods, right? So how, exactly, does one fight a wildland fire?

What types of tools do wildland firefighters use?

What are the hazards of the job? (Besides, you know, being burned of course)

What types of protective equipment do wildland firefighters wear? (surprise - we don't wear respirators!)

How do I know if this might be the right job for me? Well, we built a checklist for you to check out. If you check more than half the boxes...you were made to be a firefighter.

And finally, what's it like, really, to be a wildland firefighter? You want the truth? Think you can handle the truth? Great -  We'll give you the truth!

What's Next?

Once you feel like you have a grasp on the basics, and you're interested in drilling down deeper into the different types of positions available, or you want to learn more about different agencies that employ firefighters, then we suggest checking out our next section: