The difference among states with regards to their wildland fire suppression capabilities is remarkable. California's CAL FIRE for example has more equipment and personnel than the BIA or the FWS combined! Other states with less fire risk have few if any dedicated wildland fire resources. Rhode Island, for example, is probably not the best place to pursue a career in wildland fire. However, you never know where the opportunities are. We've provided a list of every state and the respective agency responsible for managing wildland fire within its borders.



Alabama Forestry Commission
Alaska Fire Service
Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management
Arkansas Forestry Commission
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE)
Colorado Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry (Colorado State Forest Service)
Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Division of Forestry
Delaware Department of Agriculture - Forest Service
District of Columbia n/a
Florida Forest Service
Georgia Forestry Commission
Hawaii State of Hawaii, Division of Forestry and Wildlife
Idaho Department of Lands
Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Forestry Resources
Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Forestry
Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Forestry
Kansas Kansas Forest Service
Kentucky Division of Forestry
Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry
Maine Forest Service
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Massachusetts Bureau of Forest Fire Control
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Mississippi Forestry Commission
Missouri Department of Conservation
Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
Nebraska Forest Service
Nevada Division of Forestry
New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands
New Jersey Forest Fire Service
New Mexico State Forestry
New York Department of Environmental Conservation
North Carolina Forest Service
North Dakota Forest Service
Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry
Oklahoma Forestry Services
Oregon Department of Forestry
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Rhode Island Division of Forest Environment, Wildland Fire Control
South Carolina Forestry Commission
South Dakota Department of Agriculture, Wildland Fire Division
Tennessee Department of Agriculture
Texas Forest Service
Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands
Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation
Virginia Department of Forestry
Washington State Department of Natural Resources
West Virginia Division of Forestry
Wisconsin Forestry Division
Wyoming State Forestry Division